Korean leading French casual design brand that brings elegance and chic to a whole new level.

In 2006, CHATELAINE proposes the unique design and practical coordination of French casual clothing concept which aims for the first time in Korean history for age of 30 to 40 years old women consumer who wanted to be more attractive and have stylish look.

CHATELAINE foundation is to bring the glitter to women¡¯s life and emphasis on her self-esteem and beauty. We also have a wide vision to grow into a global brand where we start from Korea as a fashion leader and spread to China and finally whole of Asia

Wish you the best joy, happiness and beauty with CHATELAINE

brand story

The definition of CHATELAINE is the mistress of a castle in French. CHATELAINE feminine and chic style originated from the image of stylish
and elegant French mistress and targets women who seeks elegant modern and trendy look.


CHATELAINE origins goes back to 1513 Chateau de Chenonceau in France. Chateau de Chenonceau is the castle that was ruled by 6 mistresses over the period of four centuries. Two of them, ¡®Diane¡¯ and ¡®Catherine¡¯ had tremendous influence in French history. They affected various fields of French culture, arts, politic and enrich aesthetic senses. Today CHATELAINE is inspired by those ladies wisdom and sensibility.

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2F HYUNGJI Bldg,322, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, 135-928
Call us: 02-3498-7777 l Customer Service Center : 1599-7222


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